Just a little FYI here for those who are always interested in finding fresh, upcoming music:

Pandora is an internet radio with a goal of introducing listeners to new music everyday. Pandora is also completely personalized, as the user is able to list their favorite artists or songs and is then accommodated.

How does it work?

Each artist you list creates a separate station which is dedicated to that artist, while mixing in other groups with similar sounds. As you hear the new music you can select a thumbs up or down so that Pandora will remember in the future what styles you prefer.

Pandora runs off an account system, so each time you log in your selected stations are loaded — for free!

A Pandora bonus is that you can navigate between radio stations with relative ease. It also lets you skip ahead, so you are not stuck listening to a song you dislike.

Tip: Try out the shuffle section after rating for a few days. It will shuffle all, or selected, stations to ensure your maximum listening pleasure…

The best part about Pandora is that they strive to avoid mainstream music and many obscure bands are available.

Go ahead and broaden your horizons, I dare you…

I double dog dare you.

And remember: Drug addict does not equal artist…