“One thing is clear: The Founding Fathers never intended a nation where citizens pay nearly half of everything they earn to the government.” – Ron Paul

As a political junkie, I was trying to restrain myself from posting this blog, but I have given in.

I would like to recommend to anyone who sees this blog post to research presidential primary candidate Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is loosley determined as a Republican/Libertarian. In actuality is he a Constitutionalist, who believes in limiting the government rather than the citizen.

I have met with Congressman Ron Paul twice, and have found him to be a truly honest and dedicated man.

So Do You Want to Know About a Presidential Candidate Who:
– Never voted to raise taxes
– Never voted for an unbalanced budget
– Never voted to raise congressional pay
– Voted against the Iraq war
– Voted against the Patriot Act
– Voted against every bill contrary to or prohibited by the U.S. Constitution
In addition:
– he has never taken a government paid junket
– he is not accepting a government pension
– he returns a portion of the office budget every year
– he is Washington’s leading advocate for civil rights, liberty & freedom
– he was voted Taxpayer’s Best Friend
– he is Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty, & Pro-Family
– in over 40 years as congressman, he has the most consistent voting record among all members of Congress
And most importantly, he is a proven, dependable conservative who is for a smaller federal government, less spending, less taxes, & more freedom and privacy for the individual.

Click here to see a short news clip on Ron Paul.

And remember: Regardless of political affiliation, select a president whose values and goals line up with yours…