Motivated by Innovation’s recently posted about Apple’s upcoming Son of Newton (read post here).

After reading about this advancing technology I couldn’t help but wonder exactly how a good ideas get transformed into reality.

I mean, this Son of Newton grand idea was something I was thinking up at age 12.

You know, how people complain that they are the original inventors of the clap light? Well its sort of the same thing.

Now I’m not saying I was some genius

12 year old. I assume many people at one time or another have thought, “It would be nice if we had…”

So what makes the dream turn into cash?

I’ve seen those sleazy ads on t.v. about patenting your idea, but that seems like a straight up scam.

But if that’s not how you go about it, what is? Can anyone really get paid for their ideas alone? Obviously some people must be.

This post is nothing I have the answer on…I am hoping you might?

And remember: You next idea could be worth millions to some lucky OTHER someone…