October 2007


Environmental action day spurred a surplus of blog posts about eco-friendly hobbies, activities, and products. All in all, the event was successful at highlighting the importance of an eco-revolution. Interestingly though, Apple happened to be one of the most frequently mentioned environmental products on the market.

Now that the hype is over and those bloggers who were not so truly concerned with the environment on a day to day basis return to their work as usual, I would like to point out a bit of their ignorance.

That is, Apple right now is in the midst of one of the greatest environmental controversies in the news.

Recently, Greenpeace has called out the company who so proudly claims its products as “green” for their latest hit, the iPhone.

Apparently they discovered it is filled with toxic chemicals. Imagine that.

Read about it here, or here, or here.

The proof is here:

Funny how Steve Jobs claims: “Apple is ahead of, or will soon be ahead of, most of its competitors” on environmental issues.

Check out how to join the movement to make Apples greener.

And remember: Looks like Greenpeace is on its game, but that’s not always the case…



It seems Gateway’s “the One” has hopes of slighting some of Apple’s incredible revenue. I believe Apple, who seems to be flowing out the ears with cash, might deserve such a wake up call.

Lets face it, Apple boasts little more than a sleek design, and yet somehow has managed to turn consumers into devotees. Its a product, not a religion.

So here we are with the new One by Gateway. A similar design is one thing, but how else does it compare with the Mac?

buymacarticle-width.jpgThe Power of One (information on the core of the computer) and the Beauty of One (the design philosophy) once broken down can compete with that of about a 20″ iMac. In fact the iMac comes out cheaper.

But before all you Mac-ies throw your hands up in victory, realize Gateway’s got one leg up on you. True to a PC, the guts of the One’s system are accessible. The back panel can be removed, providing a totally customizable computer. With this feature, there is no danger of purchasing a product that will simply be outdated in less than 3 months. As well you won’t be harassed with constant infrastructure updates like the Apple products demand.

For those who actually understand how to use a computer, the PC is the better way to go. For you, the One will provide everything you desire and nothing more. (How many people seriously use Garage Band?)

Beauty is skin deep no longer. Finally the bonuses of both worlds together! Apple is constantly on the platform of diversity while they continually streamline and cookie-cut everything. Where are the options? Now with One you have complete control, along with the looks of the Mac.

And Remember: Beauty + Brains = It is possible …


…or is it?

Note: In other recent blogs about the One, many readers have left angry comments defending the Mac. I wonder why this is… why people would be in such an uproar over a useful new product. Why has merchandise become so personal?