I’ll admit I am an impulse buyer. In fact, my favorite part about shopping is the checkout lines which are filled with items that I didn’t think to pick up before, and yet now I can’t live without. So needless to say, I am not a coupon clipper.

However, I am not one to turn away a good deal either. I mean, if I see a discount that might be useful in the near future I may stick it in my wallet for safe keeping. The only problem is that I usually forget to actually use the coupon when I purchase the item.

images.jpgThus a website has swooped into the internet world to save my poor soul (or at least my poor wallet). is a host to thousands of valid coupon codes, ready for any shopper to redeem. Whether you are hankering for late night Papa John’s or searching for a Victoria’s Secret item for that special someone, RetailMeNot will have your back, ensuring you the best bargain.

To use it, simply type in the url of the merchant’s website to search for available coupons on the site. Immediately (well, depending on your internet speed) dozens of discount codes will be available at the click of a mouse. Just select the code that is relevant to your your purchase and receive deals on all of your necessities.


But wait, there’s more!

  • Users can report on posted discounts and review their success rates with the product, thus ensuring a true value and not an advertising scam.
  • The website is designed for quick in and out access, not to trap you into gimmicks and confusing promotions.
  • Mozilla Firefox and other adopters are available for the service. A Firefox believer, I installed the extension which allows a pop-up at the top of my screen to inform me of discounts associated with the merchant’s page I am viewing.
  • Over 35,000 coupons are available on the site at this moment, and they are vastly expanding.
  • A tutorial video is available for more information:

And Remember: Not all coupons are worth the hassle…