So I have a love, hate relationship. Love to watch it, hate to play it.

The Game

What’s New in Halo 3

  • More weapons And meaner ones, too. Our favorite: the Spartan Laser. Modeled on a powerful real-life laser, it can destroy an enemy in one shot.
  • More vehicles The number of vehicles has been doubled, from eight to 16. These include the Brute Chopper, a monowheel-meets-hovercraft that can turn on a dime and mow right over Warthog ATVs.
  • Instant replay In Saved Films mode, a virtual-camera application lets you record any fight, view it from any angle, and then send it to friends on Xbox Live to show off your moments of triumph.
  • Enhanced audio The new sound engine can deliver up to 100 separate tracks at a time. You’ll hear bullets whiz past your ears, enemies creep up on you, and AI characters scream and curse during firefights — all in full 5.1 surround sound.
  • Vast levels You’ll battle through lush jungles and enormous hangars and maneuver atop alien ships. Bonus: a multiplayer level inspired by medieval cathedrals.
  • DIY game design Using the new Forge tool, players can customize multiplayer maps by dropping weapons, vehicles, and flags anywhere they choose. Always wanted to play a free-for-all round using only grenades? Now you can.
  • And Remember: Don’t try this at home…


    Note: After the posting of this blog, my friends gathered for a Halo party as a warm-up for the upcoming release of Halo 3 (equipped with Game Fuel and all). Due to hours upon hours of forced practice and improvement, I now have relinquished some minor anger issues with the game.