“…as I am slowly becoming more of an Apple convert.”

My Innovations and New Technology professor spoke these casual, seemingly innocent words in a near recent class.

However it, as well as a post from aman500, has brought to my attention a certain idea…

Apple as a religion?


As I thought about it I realized I couldn’t possibly be the only one with this idea, so I did a little background research.

Call it unethical, but I decided on a compare and contrast blog:

Jim Jones vs. Steve Jobs

  • Both instigated revolution in people and have been referred to as “cults”.
  • Both have gathered mass crowds, screaming and pushing in lines to learn and collect the innovator’s newest ideas.

Not really for this reason, but for others, I have been wary of becoming a true Apple convert.It is true I have an iPod and enjoy it, but I am not about to cast away my hopes in promising companies such as Microsoft.I will remain impartial and simply side with the overall advancement of necessary technology.

So are you a convert? Impartial? or a worshiper of another techno-religion?

Send me your comments.

And Remember: Don’t drink the Kool-Aide