Sure the early bird catches the worm…

But the early worm gets eaten.


Everett Rogers theorized that people fall under one of five different technology adoption processes.

And the choices are:

  • Innovators – Those who read, study and worship technology. They are the ones that camp outside a store for days to ensure they are the first to own a product.
  • Early adopters – Those who acquire the product during the rush because they can simply afford the higher prices, or may need it for educational or career purposes.
  • Early majority- Those who wait until the products reach the shelf, after the kinks have been discovered and fixed and the prices has sufficiently lowered. They are also deliberative and only chase after practical technology.
  • Late majority – Those who are generally skeptical, or only upgrade technologies due to necessity. They see that “everybody’s doing it” and decide it is alright.
  • Laggards – Those who never adapt. Believe it or not, there are still people who don’t own a brain…

I would consider myself an early majority… but only on the things that matter.

I was so proud to own the 2nd generation iPod, in all of its beauty.

But just as with the early worm strategy, a year later I realized I missed out on a color screen video iPod for about $150 cheaper than what I paid.

So whats your strategy, and how is it working out for you?

And remember: If everybody’s doing it…