Is it just me or does technology simply seem to be adding more duties to daily life.

Sure it simplifies communication and brings the world to your fingertips. But is it adding to the daily work load?

I ask this due to a recent observation.

Every week I make a “to-do” list, in attempt to keep my life in some sort of order. Yet as I read over the sheet I found that I had listed “check all emails, check online bank statements, print recent pictures, backup computer files,” etc…

Has keeping up with technology become a chore?


Should we cut back, should there be limitations, and what would these guidelines be?

I know technology is a cultural launchpad, but where is the blurred line for when it becomes a hindrance or a tool for procrastination.

Maybe there is a time to put down the blog and pick up the vacuum.

Speaking of which…

But Remember: Do your chores, or else…