Second Life is a “3D online digital world imagined and created by its residents” — states their website.Finally, a game which puts the average person at the creative control panels. I can see where it has its positives.

However, this presents the downfall as well.

To put it simply, the AVERAGE person does not have the creative capacity and know how to use this game to its full potential. Thus the biggest complaint received on this game is that there is NOTHING to do.

In fact the only people truly utilizing this game are giant organizations. Why? Because they can afford real, trained and creative people to manage it.

My other issue with second life is in those people who invest most all of their first life into this virtual one.
This then makes me question the quality of these people who are so eager to throw all of their potential away in order to live vicariously through a digitized Barbie with double D’s.


Ah, the wonder that is Second Life.

I bet the mastermind behind the creation of Second Life would roll over in his grave if he could see what has become of his invention.

Oh wait, he’s still alive. At least for now, before the gamers realize what kind of atrocity this man has put into existence.

In due time.

But hey, these are just my opinions. If the 52 year old, divorced woman with rollers in her hair wants to live happily ever after with the 12 year old band kid, who am I to stop them?

And Remember: The Barbie with the double D’s…

Old Lady