Nowdays there are so many shiny new technologies out on the market, it is impossible to keep up. Money alone is the biggest hindrance for most consumers… unless you are Paris Hilton, but then again, I assume she is not reading this blog.


But you are, and chances are dropping $3,000 on the latest iMac could leave you feeding off of Ramen for a month. And if were honest we would soon find that most of us don’t even pay $ .99 for our iTunes music. For this reason (as well as due to a class grade), I have created this blog.

Its purpose is threefold:
1) Inform viewers of fast, upcoming technologies.
2) Distinguish the useful products from the frivolous, to ensure a product is worth the money (this applies to movie/game reviews as well).
3) Explore the implications this new media might have on our society.

In managing this blog, I appreciate all comments and suggestions, and encourage open dialouge.

And remember: Pricey technology can be like this cat…